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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fantasy Football: Best Value Plays for NFL Week 6 on DraftKings

In our first edition of our Fantasy Forecast podcast, the fellas at The Low Blow Sports Show have compiled their best values for Week 6 of the NFL for one-day/week fantasy football on And we were even nice enough to write it down for you, too.


ROLLIN: Russell Wilson ($7,600)
The Dallas defense hasn’t been its usual atrocious self by any means, but it’s going to have to find a way to survive in Seattle against the dual-threat quarterback. He isn’t going to get you the 37.24 points he earned fantasy owners on Monday night every week, but he is about as consistent as they come for the price tag.

Oh, and he managed 24.02 points against a pretty stout Denver secondary in Week 3.

ADAM: Eli Manning ($7,800)
The Eagles have given up big yards against many QBs that aren't as good as King Manning face. Truth be told, Eli is starting to click with this new offense, and I expect him to have a big game in what could be an NFC East shootout.

Nick Foles ($6,500)
Foles price has dropped almost $2000 dollars from last week. Going against the 25th ranked pass defense in the league, and another week with the offense line hopefully starting to gel, good ol' Napoleon Dynamite may have a week that can only be described as SWEET.

This can also leave you some of that cash for a dynamic high dollar player or two.

ALLEN: Nick Foles ($6,800)
The Eagles will surely try and get the run game going. And with some success on the ground, Foles should have field day against the Giants.


ROLLIN: Branden Oliver ($5,500)
There are some guys I like that are cheaper than Branden Oliver, thanks to his 37.2 points against the Jets last week. But this kid is for real, and appears to be getting more action each week.

The kid gets it done on the ground and in the air, and slices up defenses like one of Rivers’ past favorites, Darren Sproles. Bank on another big one against an Oakland team with a new coach…in San Diego.

ADAM: Branden Oliver ($5,500)
Ryan Matthews day to day, Donald Brown concussed, and going against the Oakland Raiders who couldn't stop a nose bleed on the ground. I don’t think No. 43, and no not Darren Sproles, will have the week he had last week. But at 5,500 bucks you need him in your lineup.

Fred Jackson ($5,000)
Old Man River is consistent as the day is long. I don’t even know why they give C.J. Spiller the ball. For five grand, where else you going to find a guy who gives 15 points-plus every week.

ALLEN: CJ Spiller ($5,300)
Against a New England team that hasn't been themselves this year, Spiller could have a huge day with Fred Jackson being limited...if even playing at all.


ROLLIN: DeSean Jackson ($4,900)
A model of consistency, DeSean Jackson is not. But I’m seeing a connection form between the little guy and Captain Kirk that can’t be denied. He’ll also be going up against an Arizona defense that will be limping into Sunday’s game.

Be warned, though: This is a risky proposition. Jackson has followed up each of his double-digit performances with singles. And the game is being played in the desert.

Then again, if the Cards have to go with their third-string quarterback, Logan Thomas, Jackson may have ample opportunity to snatch a couple deep ones.

ADAM: DeSean Jackson ($4,900)
Did you realize the Cardinals have one of the worst pass defenses this year? Yeah, neither did I until I read\ they give up almost 300 ypg. D-Jax hits home runs, and for less than five grand he might be worth taking a swing at.

Alshon Jeffery ($6,500)
With Brandon Marshall a question mark—and Atlanta being the 24th ranked pass defense in the league—as long as Jay Cutler has a candy bar before the game and can keep his sugar in check, this may be the last time you see a WR of this caliber this cheap.

ALLEN: Alshon Jeffery ($6,500)
With an injury to Brandon Marshall and a very friendly matchup against the Falcons, Alshon will have an amazing week.


ROLLIN: Niles Paul ($4,800)
You won’t see me put two Redskins on this list very often, and I wouldn’t advise playing both DeSean Jackson and Niles Paul. However, Monday was the only time Paul hasn’t seen consistent targets from Cousins.

Everything I said about Arizona’s gimpy defense applies here.

ADAM: Owen Daniels ($4,300)
Not much to say here. He should get lots of targets against a Bucs defense that likes to give up points in the air.

Delanie Walker ($5,300)
Well, he's playing the Jags so there is what you need to know.

ALLEN: Greg Olsen ($5,700)
Being the only guy consistently catching passing from Newton, Olsen should be a weekly play in all leagues.


ROLLIN: Broncos ($3,100)
You have to be careful how much you spend on a defense when picking your DraftKings lineup. It usually takes touchdowns to separate a defense in scoring.

But Denver has an outstanding and deep secondary that will cause plenty of problems for the Jets offense. Geno Smith may be looking for a movie theater to hide in after this one.

ADAM: Lions ($3,300)
I like this defense to bounce back from a tough loss last week. Going against either a rookie QB or Christian Ponder.

ALLEN: Broncos ($3,100)
Playing against a New York Jets team that is lost offensively, the Broncos should have an amazing day on defense.

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