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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fantasy Football: Best Value Plays for NFL Week 7 on DraftKings

For our Fantasy Forecast podcast, the fellas at The Low Blow Sports Show have compiled their best values for Week 7 of the NFL for one-day/week fantasy football on And we were even nice enough to write it down for you, too.


ROLLIN: Joe Flacco ($7,700)
$7,700 isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s $2,000 less than the top guy, Andrew Luck. We saw how he dismantled the Bucs with five touchdowns in the first half last week. And he has another favorable matchup coming against the Falcons.

I’m not a Flacco guy, but he has a knack for going on streaks and luck usually falls his way during those periods. I think one just started last Sunday.

Be smart. Ride the Flucko train while it lasts and make some cash.

ADAM: Colin Kaepernick ($6,500) 
In real life this rat-faced fink gives me the creeps, but this is fantasy and not real life. And although this game is in Mile High stadium, I expect it to be a shootout.  Against a Broncos defense that gives up an average of 241 yards per game in the air, this is a tremendous value.

Brian Hoyer ($5,600)
If you can find a better way to spend $5,600 please let me know. The Jags are dead last against the pass. Hoyer plays great against the South, with three touchdowns versus the Titans already this year.

ALLEN: Tony Romo ($7,200)
After beating Seattle on the road, Romo should be able to follow that up with an even better show at home versus the divisional foe.


ROLLIN: Justin Forsett ($5,600)
Despite his limited carries, Forsett has still produced well in fantasy, thanks in part to great hands out of the backfield and 7.45 yards per carry over the last two games. If he gets more reps, he will be a fantasy beast.

But even at low reps, he’s been about as consistent as they come at this price tag. Oh and, again, the Ravens are playing the Falcons.

ADAM: Fred Jackson ($5,500)
The sky is blue, the grass is green and Fred Jackson is day to day. Well he has been that way all season, all season he has played and has been as steady as she goes. Also, the Vikes give up an average of 118 yards on the ground and 213 through the air.

Steady Freddie gives you points through both.

Lamar Miller ($5,300)
Knowshawn is out for the year so Miami’s running back by committee has become a committee of one. With most of touches going to him now. Although this number will drop with Miller receiving more touches, he is currently 3rd in league with an average of 5.2 yards per carry.

ALLEN: Alfred Morris ($4,700)
Morris has been lacking the touches needed to be a fantasy stud so far this year, but there is not going to be a better week for him to bounce back.


ROLLIN: Andre Johnson ($5,200)
The once-fantasy-superstar of the Texans finally found the end zone last week in a tough game against the Colts. Considering what the Browns did to Pittsburg last week, and the Texans becoming more willing to pass the rock, I love the Johnson play at this price.

ADAM: Golden Tate ($5,900)
Will Calvin play, will he not? Either way, the Saints even coming off a bye are allowing almost 270 through the air. This is probably going to be one of the best matchups Mr. Tate will see this year.

Andre Holmes ($4,800)
This kid has been getting better and better every week. Last week he hauled in four catches for 121 yards and two TDs. I can’t explain why Arizona can’t stop the pass but they are Jacksonville-esque when it comes to this. Breakout game for this guy. Next week his salary will go to the mid-$5,000 range, if not more.

ALLEN: Michael Floyd ($5,000)
Floyd will be back to his productive self now with a full week of Carson Palmer being the known starter going into the weekend.  A friendly matchup doesn’t hurt here either.

Kelvin Benjamin ($5,600)
In a game that the Panthers will have to throw the ball to try and keep up with the Packers, Benjamin and Cam Newton will have to have some success.


ROLLIN: Jordan Reed ($5,000)
Here’s a fantasy superstar in the making, if he can ever stay on the field. He played an entire game for the first time this season against Arizona and produced 17.2 points.

Kirk Cousins may not be able to win games, but he knows how to rack up fantasy points for tight ends.

ADAM: Larry Donell ($3,500)
The Salsa dancing is done for Cruz for the year. All that means is more targets for Larry. Although this TE has laid two turds in a row, this is going to be a big week for him. Dallas’ defense, although not as putrid as everybody thought they were going to be, does like to give up big plays to tight ends.
Jared Cook ($3,600)
Fantasy is a numbers game, and Mr. Cook has 30 targets over the last three games, with a team-high 42 on the season. Jarrod has been good with at least four receptions and 44 receiving yards in every game.

ALLEN: Jordan Cameron ($4,600)
After finally seeming to come out of his shell this past weekend, Cameron is set to explode against the Jags in a very good matchup.


ROLLIN: Texans ($3,200)
JJ Watt keeps getting sacks and scoring touchdowns. And the Steelers just keep on sucking. That’s a great combination by itself for 3,200 bones. Add in the possible return of Jadeveon Clowney and we just might see the perfect storm.

ADAM: Browns ($3,000)
It’s Jacksonville. Enough said.

ALLEN: Cardinals ($3,400)
All about the matchup here…

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