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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fantasy Football: Best Value Plays for NFL Week 8 on DraftKings

For our Fantasy Forecast podcast, the fellas at The Low Blow Sports Show have compiled their best values for Week 8 of the NFL for one-day/week fantasy football on And we were even nice enough to write it down for you, too.


ROLLIN: Teddy Bridgewater ($5,100)
I’m fully aware the rookie hasn’t eclipsed 10 points on DraftKings the last two weeks, but consider the competition—Buffalo and Detroit. This week, he’s taking on a quarterback-friendly defense in the Tampa Bay Bucs.

I expect the youngster to finish closer to his 26.38 line against the Falcons in Week 4.

ADAM: Nick Foles ($6,300)
Last year after the bye week, Nick Foles tied an NFL record with 7 touchdowns. I don’t think that will happen again this year, but Arizona—though improving—is still weak against the pass. For $6,300, I think he is going to have a huge week.


ROLLIN: Jerick McKinnon ($4,900)
McKinnon and Bridgewater will offer a balanced attack against the porous Tampa D. Where Teddy has failed in the last two weeks, Jerick has still produced with 15.1 and 14.2 points. Like Teddy B, I expect him to land somewhere in the Falcon zone of 19.2.

ADAM: Justin Forsett ($5,100)
Finally, there may be a clear choice for the Baltimore backfield. With a majority of the carries going to Forsett, he is poised for a break out game versus Cincy, who is ranked 30th in rush defense this year.

My only concern is that Bernard Pierce may vulture some of those close-range TDs.


ROLLIN: Sammy Watkins ($5,700)
The Clemson sensation is finally making his mark in the pros behind the steady arm of Kyle Raymond Orton. Minnesota has been pretty solid against the pass this season, but ol’ Sammy still lit up the scoreboard with 36.2 points.

The Jets have been playing better all-around of late, but Dr. Watkins will find a way to produce.

ADAM: Dez Bryant ($6,900)
No, that is not a typo. $6,900 for Dez Bryant. His value is down almost $600 from last week. Washington may have a decent pass D, but over the last five weeks they are ranked 26th against wide receivers.


ROLLIN: Jimmy Graham ($5,700)
It isn’t often you see Jimmy Graham at this price on DraftKings, and it’s with good reason. He’s been disappointingly unproductive this season and is coming off a shoulder injury. On top of that, he’s playing a Packers defense that is allowing the fifth-fewest yards passing this season.

However, Green Bay has given up 100-plus yards to tight ends the two times it has faced decent ones (Chicago and Carolina). Don’t miss out on Graham’s comeback tour while he’s cheap.

ADAMJared Cook ($3,400)
Please let Austin Davis get it together this week and find Cook. KC is ranked 24th against tight ends for the past three weeks. Cook is still getting a lot of targets, and as we have said in the past: Targets are opportunities.


ROLLIN: Patriots ($2,800)
Chicago and Cutler are having their share of issues, apparently extending all the way to the locker room. I don’t have a great deal of faith in this one with the weapons the Bears deploy.

But if you’re bargain hunting, the Pats D could be a good filler.

ADAM: Minnesota Vikings ($2,600)
Just looking for value here. There are a couple of more teams I would actually spend money on if you have it left.

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