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Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Low Blow Sports Show: February 22, 2015

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Without our weekly predictions and game-by-game breakdowns we afforded with the NFL schedule, it's time to move on to talking points. And, boy, we have some great ones today!

The NBA has reached its trade deadline, leaving behind a few trimmers along the way. No earthquakes for sure, but definitely some intriguing moves we want to talk about. We also discuss how the NBA should handle the Hack Attack situation that has risen once again in the form of Hack-a-Jordan. Thanks, Pop.

It's rare we talk baseball because our first two loves are basketball and football. But there may be some changes this season, starting with the pace of the MLB game. We discuss the alterations the new commish is making to keep the game moving.

Between the scouting combine and potential offseason moves, there is a buzz in the NFL air. We'll talk about some of the most compelling rumors we have caught wind of.

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