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Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Low Blow Sports Show: NFL and College Football Playoffs

Full Show:

It's NFL PLayoffs, baby! We're a little sore about our teams not being in it, but it's tough not to be excited when you're always in it on DraftKings!

Allen and Rollin discuss where their lineups stand so far in the playoffs, as the fellas go over the wins by the Panthers and the Ravens. Then we move on to discuss and break down the upcoming games between the Bengals and Colts and the Cowboys and Lions.

Speaking of playoffs, we also touch on the first ever College Football Playoff games between Oregon and Florida State and Ohio State and Alabama.

And if you're a Tom Brady and Peyton Manning love or hater, you'll love Allen's hate-filled rant on those two...with major focus on Tom Brady.

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