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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fantasy Football: Best Value Plays for NFL Week 12 on DraftKings

Are you running out of cap room on DraftKings? Want to get the most bang for your buck when you're squeezing those final players into your lineup? We've got you covered.

Rollin and Adam, from The Low Blow Sports Show, have compiled their best values for Week 12 of the NFL for one-day/week fantasy football on

For a more comprehensive take on this week’s matchups, beyond DraftKings, check out our Fantasy Forecast podcast, featuring Rollin and Adam.


ROLLIN: Josh McCown ($6,600)
Chicago is currently giving up the second-most passing touchdowns in the league. And though McCown won't be lighting up the fantasy scoreboard anytime soon, he has a target named Mike Evans who is. That means McCown should be good for a score in the low 20s.

Did I mention Chicago is his former team? We know how players like to prove something.

*It should be noted that I regularly bomb on my quarterback picks for whatever reason. Use this pick with caution. The football gods my be out for my ass. Don't think I won't say "I told you so" if he lights it up, though.

ADAM: Phillip Rivers ($6,600) 
Although he is a little banged up, let's remember this guy was in the driver's seat for NFL MVP just a few weeks back. The St. Louis defense has been getting it going as of late. Look what they did to Manning last week.

That being said, St. Louis is giving up an average of 20.17 points to opposing quarterbacks this season. With San Diego returning home, I feel confident going with him at this price.


ROLLIN: Denard Robinson ($5,600)
First-time starter Jonas Gray diced up the Indy defense for almost 200 yards and four touchdowns on Sunday night. The way Robinson has been running and catching the ball since earning his starting role, he's pretty much a guarantee for 20-plus against the Colts.

ADAM: Denard Robinson ($5,600) 
Hey, there is one thing going for Jacksonville, and it's this guy. He is averging 5.4 yards a carry—even with his sub-par offensive line. And he is facing the Colts, who give up an average of 28.64 points to running backs.


ROLLIN: Anquan Boldin ($5,200)
There aren't really any stats to indicate Anquan Boldin will tear up the Redskins this week. This is more of a gut feeling you can take a chance on. With his physicality and knack for snatching up anything tossed his way, I think he is the most likely 49er to rock my 'Skins in Week 12.

Someone does pretty much every week. Why not this savvy vet?

ADAM: Mohamed Sanu ($5,000)
Yes, it is back to second fiddle for Sanu since AJ is back. But nobody gives up more points (46.25) to wide receivers than the Texans. Since a lot of the focus will be on AJ, I think Sanu is going to have a big bounce-back week.


ROLLIN: Coby Fleener ($5,200)
We saw what happens when  Dwayne Allen exits the all-you-can-eat buffet of Coby Fleener. Keep an eye on Allen's status, though. At $3,800, he'd be a hell of a steal if healthy enough for full reps.

ADAM: Larry Donnell ($3,900)
Ok, I have recommended him in the past, and it has not panned out, But this week I have a feeling about Larry.

Maybe it's because he caught the lone touchdown last week in the Giants' game. Maybe it is because he has had 20 targets over the past three weeks. But I think the real reason is Dallas gives up the second-most fantasy points in the league to tight ends at 17.52 per game.

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