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Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Low Blow Sports Show: Salvage Sanity Sunday

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THIS WEEK IN SPORTS: Ray Rice. Roger Goodell. That is all, apparently. Oh, and the  Ravens "rallied over the Ray Rice incident" to pull off a win.

Anyone have a problem with us NOT talking about Ray Rice today? As much as we need to discuss domestic violence in our country, we also need so salvage every ounce of sanity we have left.

We'll leave that discussion for the mainstream media.

Instead, we discuss the college football landscape after a few surprises this weekend, Penn State's sanctions being lifted, LeSean McCoy's tipping, surprises from Week 1 of the NFL and analysis and predictions for Week 2.

It's Salvage Sanity Sunday on The Low Blow Sports Show! All football. Hold the rice.

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